Моніторинг земних змін

Тут зібрані з різних джерел повідомлення і факти, які свідчать про те, що на Землі відбуваються значні геологічні і кліматичні зміни, і про настання в найближчі роки Зсуву Полюсів в зв'язку з черговим наближенням Планети X, Нібіру. (згідно з

Короткі повідомлення зібрані тут походять з мас-медіа, теле і радіо новин, Інтернету, etc.


Earth Changes Monitoring

Facts gathered here from various sources indicate that major geological and climate changes are happening on Earth, which herald a Pole Shift in near future due to rearrival of Planet X aka Nibiru. (according to

Short notes collected here come from mass media, television and radio news, Internet, etc.

Articles by Year - Статті за роками

Шукати в цьому блозі

неділя, 10 січня 2010 р.


 The Earth Chronicles reported that during February, 1995 nearly 400 square miles of the Larsen Ice Shelf in Antartica disintegrated within 50 days.

 The 1995 hurricanes season is a record for the Atlantic, with the most named storms since the National Hurricane Center started assigning names in 1953. The previous record was in 1933, when 21 storms were recorded.

 Typhoon Oscar, also in 1995, was the most powerful to threaten Japan since World War II.

 1995 is officially the hottest year on record, in the hottest 5 year period on record, following the hottest decade on record. The New York Times reported on January 4, 1996 that both the British Meteorological Office and the NASA Goddard Institute reported this trend.

 Across the United States there were record highs during the 1995 summer, with high temperatures lingering longer than usual. The Earth Chronicles reported that 566 died in Chicago, clogging the mortuaries in the worst heat wave in memory, and livestock perished.

 An early 1995 winter appeared in Mongolia which was swept by a severe snowstorm.

 Denver experienced a freak late-summer snowstorm in 1995.

 The San Francisco Chronical reported on November 18, 1995 that the worst November blizzard in memory clobbered Scandinavia.

 The National Weather Service reported on December 12, 1995 that Buffalo, New York received a record 37.9 inches of snow in a 24 hour period, beating the previous record of 25.3 inches set in 1982.

 Droughts are being experienced world wide. The National Geographic Society reports that Australia has experienced a 4 year Big Dry that began in Queensland and has broken all records.

 Droughts are occurring in areas not previously experiencing them, such as the state of New Jersey in 1995.

 A deluge in China's Guangxi region during a 1995 dry season washed away 10,000 head of livestock.

- так метеорологи назвали 1995 год, который стал выдающимся в статистическом ряде наблюдений за последние сто лет. В среднем в течении года в Атлантике наблюдается примерно 10 штормов и 6 ураганов. Но аномальный 1995 породил 19 штормов, 11 из которых переросли в ураганы. Причины такой активности воздушной среды так и не нашли однозначного объяснения.

■ FLOODS: Disaster in Netherlands

The Netherlands is very flat and part of ihe country is below the sea level. The people have to make sure the dukes are strong. Usually there is no problem, but in January 1995 it rained for more than two weeks. The water in the canals and rivers rose high and thousands of people had to leave their homes because the danger of floods. They went to other towns, waiting untill the water drops again.

1995 рік став визначним в ряді статистичних спостережень за останні 100 років. В всередньому протягом року в Атлантиці спостерігається приблизно 10 штормів і 6 ураганів. Але аномальний 1995 рік породив 19 штормів, 11 з яких переросли в урагани. Причини такої ативності так і не знайшли однозначного пояснення.

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